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    Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


    Students must attend the college for study purposes for at least 15 hours per week. A register of attendance is kept, and attendance is strictly enforced to meet UKBA requirements. Failure to meet attendance and study requirements will result in the student being reported to the UKBA. Students are not entitled to any refunds should their enrolment be terminated for this reason.


    Students must inform the College immediately if they contract an illness which prevents them from attending classes. A Doctor’s Certificate must be presented if students are away ill for 7 days or more. All periods of absence will be deducted from the 16 weeks’ holiday allowance.


    Students may not apply for holiday leave during term time unless there is an urgent matter requiring this. Leave is permitted at the discretion of the College and students must have had satisfactory attendance for at least one month prior to a leave application.

    Working in the UK

    Students may work up to a maximum of 10 hours per week in any part time employment whilst studying, in accordance with UKBA regulations. During vacation time, students may be permitted to work full-time.

    Progress Interviews

    All students must attend student interviews each term with the Director of the ABE Programme to assess their academic progress and any other relevant matters.

    Examinations and Examination Fees

    Students must register and pay applicable fees for examinations directly to the ABE. Exams are held twice a year in June and December. Registration must be finalised at least three (3) months prior to examination dates. Diploma level students must register for 4 exams in the first instance and the remainder in the following session. Advanced Diploma students must register for 2 exams in the first instance and for the remaining 3 in the following session.


    Students who need to extend their period of study with the College must complete a new enrolment application and pay the applicable fees. The College can then issue the student with a new letter of enrolment to assist with their Visa extension application. Only students who maintain regular attendance and have attempted applicable exams will be allowed to re-enrol.

    Academic Requirements and Regulations

    These are specified in great detail in the Student Handbook which is given out to every new student. Other processes and procedures are covered during Induction.