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    University Access Courses

    Your Pathway to a University Degree or MBA

    ABE pathway to a degree or MBA

    University access courses (also known as university foundation courses) provide a fantastic alternative to the ‘A’ levels or the International Baccalaureate.

    These access courses can get you into a British university in as little as six months, or take you all the way up to the final year of a degree programme.  Save time and money (see the chart above for a graphical representation of this route).

    Why is this the better option for you?

    Fast-track your way through a British university degree via this exciting and professional route:

    • No ‘A’ Levels required (time saved = 2 years) – Entry at Diploma level
    • Each qualification ultimately can provide direct entry into selected UK (or international) universities
    • You can save time depending on your entry level
    • You can save a lot of money because this route is more affordable than going directly into university
    • You receive a globally recognised professional qualification at each stage – each qualification is fully accredited and recognised
    • Become a member of a prestigious business professional organisation (ABE)
    • Small, friendly and helpful classes with a lot of personal attention
    • Teachers who are actual business practitioners – learn from doers, not just academics
    • Study at an accredited college with 40 years experience
    • Online learning options available for some qualifications